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Welcome to Mr. Monson's Grade 5 Classroom Wiki. Each month of the school year there is a question for our world audience to answer. Our goal is to reach at least one thousand answers for each month of the school year. We use this wiki to share our thoughts, get ideas for writing, learn geography from around the world, collaborate with others and read the thoughts of others. Remember to be responsible, respectful and safe as you reply to our page. Thanks for taking the time to make the world smaller to us!

Jay Monson, Grade 5 Teacher

Click on a monthly link below to add your thoughts and comments:

September Wiki Entry

What are you good at doing or like to do?

October Wiki Entry

Where would you like to visit if money and time were not an object?

November Wiki Entry

What are you thankful for?

December Wiki Entry

What are acts of peace and kindness you could do as a gift?

January Wiki Entry

What are goals or accomplishments you would like to reach or attain in this year?

February Wiki Entry

Who are people or events that influenced you most throughout your life?

March Wiki Entry

What are the best books you have read?

April Wiki Entry

What are things you do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?

May (and June, July, August) Wiki Entry

What are things you are going to do over the summer months?

Got Monthly Wiki Ideas?

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